Use case example UML 2

Draw an use case diagram for the following problem:

Company has several holiday homes in their possession and it rents them to employees. Company wants an information system that would allow room reservation on the net.

Employee will be able to reserve a room in desired holiday home for himself and his family members. Besides he can review his reservations and be able to cancel them.

Holiday home manager will be able to do same things as employee – manager will be able to add new reservation (ie. for people that doesn’t have access to the net and would like to reserve by phone), review reservations and cancel any reservation. Manager will also be able to edit info about particular holiday home.

Administrator will have the same access as the manager and he is responsible to add and edit ciphers.
Everyone must log into the system before they can use it.

At first we have to identify all actors. In this case I think they are self revealing :

  • Employee
  • Manager
  • Administrator

Then we should identify what will they do.

  • reserve a room
  • review reservation status
  • cancel reservation
  • edit holiday home data
  • edit ciphers
  • login

Now we just have to link this together. We use generalization between actors as manager has the same use cases as employee and administrator has the same as manager plus he can edit ciphers.


Use case example

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