Starting Messenger

It was a cold day when Tilen my coworker came to me asking if I could help him with some messenger app. I was working as a CTO in Sensilab at the time and Tilen was working as a head of digital marketing.

We invested some money, I helped him to optimise database and PHP code. We asked Aleš, original author to add some social share functionalities. Primož helped us setup an old server I had rented on Hetzner and we were ready to go.

Users grew and few months later we were drinking a cup of coffee with Dejan. Both Tilen and I were coming from e-commerce field where 100.000 users daily were not a lot. So 3000 downloads of the app didn’t seem to be much at the time. Tilen had some idea that this numbers are not small but Dejan was actually the one who opened eyes for me. “3000 user daily guys, this happens once in a lifetime. Don’t wait, do something!“.

And we did. We started searching for a team. It is quite hard do convince developers in Slovenia to work on something and not be paid immediately with cash.  We were able to convince Mitja who has some family strings with Tilen. He invited Anže.

Tilen started to apply for some accelerators. One of the first we applied to was Oxygen accelerator. After few weeks we got email back. Thank you for applying but no thank you.


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