Budapest here we come

Few days ago we were rejected by Oxygen. It doesn’t matter. We will collect a 1000 rejections before trying one more time. But today a mail came We’d like to invite you to our Selection Camp event, taking place next week, 18th – 19th February in Budapest. We’d love for you to join us, and around 25 […]

The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho The Alchemist is a novel about a journey of a young Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago. Santiago decides to travel to the pyramids of Egypt to find treasure he dreamed about one night. On the way he encounters love, danger, opportunity, disaster and learns a lot about himself around the impact he […]

Prolog knowledge base

In Prolog there are three basic constructs: facts, rules, and queries. A collection of facts and rules is called a knowledge base (or a database). The main advantage of Prolog is simple questions asking about the information stored in the knowledge base. Prolog knowledge base example – facts

Prolog query example

Prolog answers […]


by Vladimir Bartol Novel is based on exciting history of Persia around 1900. The central character is Hasan ibn Saba (Seiduna), religious leader and self proclaimed from Allah sent prophet. He fights holly war at Persian empire from behind his castle Alamut. In spite of small number of his followers in comparison to numbers of […]