Mobile apps – speed up development for MVPs

As you know we are doing Messenger app. The main problem that we face is that we are competing against the largest and strongest companies like Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger, Line, WeChat, Whatsapp and countless other messaging systems available out there.

Core team of four with ABC accelerator and many friends around us you can imagine we have million and one ideas what to do and what to implement. However only two full time developers who can’t possibly take the workload. 

I am search for some time now how to speed up development or at least ideas and hypothesis testing and still keep the company lean – that is without adding another 5 programmers on the team.

I was looking at the Phonegap for quite some time now. PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that allows you to create mobile apps using standardised web APIs for all major mobile platforms. This simply means you build mobile apps in a similar manner as you build your webpage.

There has been a long debate among developers that any “one for all” platform cannot replace native development. And I agree. But it can add some speed to testing and prototyping. And when you get positive user feedback you can still go native.

And since I already know a lot about webpage development deep dive into Phonegap shouldn’t be too stressfull. It is time to get my CEO hands dirty 🙂

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