About me

Hello world, my name is Miha Trtnik

I respect my mum and dad and I take good care of my little dog. In the summer I drink green tea with ice and in the winter I eat mandarins and wait for my good friend Santa to come. I haven’t met him yet. I fall asleep too early each year so he just leaves me a present or two.

My values:

Integrity to oneself and others, health, passion, resourcefulness, intellect …

I have many interests:

Business – I’m always on the lookout for new business opportunities. Psychology and human relations – it’s a funny thing how we can land on a Moon or clone a sheep but still know so little about ourselves and human brain. Technology (computers, smart houses and automation) – things that transforms our reality and make a life easier and funnier. Fitness – I take care for my body and I’m glad to help my friends in training and diet setup.


There is no secret routine, there is no magical number of reps and sets. What there is, is confidence, belief, hard work on a consistent basis, and a desire to succeed. This is what I mean when I say accept your limits and when the time is right, you will push right through your limits time and time again, mentally and physically.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

If you want your dreams to come true don’t sleep.

Do the best you can, where you are, with what you have, NOW!



  • I went to a secondary school Gimnazija Poljane in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Bachelor of Computer and Information Science in 2009 at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.




CEO at Messenger


CTO at Sensilab SA

  • Magento development
  • internal and external team lead
  • implementation of Magento with Navision, MPL Call centre, Pantheon etc.
  • scalability issues taken care of (from initial sites sensilab.ro, sensilab.it, sensilab.hr, sensilab.pl, sensilab.si we have expanded to ShapeIt brand and multiple smaller ecommerce sites in Austria, Germany, Spain, Czech)
  • at the end Magento supported cca 40 sites with 20 active admin users on one single Magento CE instance having over 100.000 unique visitors daily at peaks …
  • LiveActive pilot project was started in Studio Moderna, we set it up in Magento, we have supported 6 different countries
  • Skuhaj.si – Slovenian cooking portal, a successor of DelimanoChefs game in Slovenia
  • countless Facebook apps and viral games
  • online viral game DelimanoChefs, one of the biggest virals in Europe where chefs from 5 countries published their recepies and compete for ultimate prize – cooking class in Toscana
  • started working for Studio Moderna d.o.o.
  • Amnesty.si website redesign
  • Joomla! Event registration component with Danish payment system implementation (DIBS)
  • extensive modifications of e-commerce solutions for Joomla – components Redshop and VirtueMart
  • Mismo d.o.o. (www.mismo.si)
  • Gradim.si renovation (www.gradim.si)
  • Facebook Coffee invite application for Beemoon AB
  • Amnesty International Slovenia – SMS SOS system that is used for sending sms with information about human rights violations. System is integrated with Simobil and Mobitel (national mobile operators).
  • studied Joomla! CMS and wrote Simple order form componentits free you can get it here
  • two times a week worked as a personal trainer with clients on a PowerPlate platform in Physiotherapy Grosuplje
  • finished all my faculty exams and graduated with thesis “Social network sites application development for viral marketing needs on Facebook Platform example”
  • worked for Bookingpoint.net -  www.bookingpoint.net (I worked as project manager, prepared database design, integrated credit card online payment, wrote use cases and sequence diagrams, PHP programmer …)
  • Webeks.net web site has been established
  • Fajn.si was a Ljubljanas nightlife website. I took care for team coordination, arrangements with business partners and photography.
  • Gradim.si renovation (www.gradim.si) – MB-tech d.o.o.
  • simple web presentation for Texas hold’em club Ljubljana
  • web presentation ASP Logistika d.o.o.
  • developed content management system CMS e-Tajnica (e-Secretary), that included WYSIWYG editor, pools, mailing lists, user administration, menus administration, stats … – Nosorog s.p.
  • web site for NSi OO Kamnik (political party) (www.nsi-kamnik.net) supported by CMS e-Tajnica
  • web site for Mercator Optima d.o.o. – www.mercator-optima.si
  • simple web site presentation for Vulcanization Kadunc (www.kadunc.si)
  • redesign of Come2Party.net that was renamed to Fajn.si
  • web page adaptation so that it is multilingual (turist.osvaja.net) Osvaja.net d.o.o.
  • My friends and I opened Nosorog s.p. – programming and web design company. It was closed due to changed tax conditions in early 2009.
  • web site for magazine Gradim (www.gradim.si)
  • web site for Samorastniki scout association (custom CMS was developed and linked with phpBB2 forum)
  • web community Come2Party.net (custom CMS was developed and linked with phpBB2 forum), coordination of photographers team, worked as a spokesperson
  • IT support (LAN, printers, MS Windows workstations maintenance) for Tobačna Ljubljana d.o.o.(www.tobacna.si)
  • e-banking presentation (Macromedia Flash) for Halcom d.o.o. (www.halcom.si)